2019 Speakers

Eileen Newhall

Staff Director

California State Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee

Eileen Newhall serves as Staff Director to the California State Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee.  In that role, she analyzes and drafts financial services legislation, staffs legislation for the Chair of her committee, plans informational hearings, and responds to questions from legislators, legislative staff, members of the public, and the press about matters before the Committee.  Working closely with the current and past-chairs of her Committee, Eileen has taken a leading role in advising the Legislature on secured and unsecured lending and emerging financial products and services.  She has staffed or significantly influenced close to four dozen chaptered bills on those subjects.  Before joining the Senate Banking Committee in March 2005, Eileen served as a principal consultant with the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee.  She has also worked as a revenue analyst at the California Department of Finance and a research associate at the Public Policy Institute of California.  Eileen has a Bachelor’s degree from Brown University, and a Master’s degree from the University of Hawaii.

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