About Us

About the Online Lending Policy Institute


By collaborating with industry and regulatory experts and utilizing participating academic expertise we hope this summit will lead to the creation of an inclusive coalition to represent the diverse ideas of our industry.

The Online Lending Policy Institute is an initiative dedicated to creating an open and constructive dialogue between online lending industry participants and federal and state policy makers. The Institute will provide policy analysis and thought leadership to assist in the responsible growth of online lending. The goal is to generate fresh ideas and introduce a strong voice to assist policymakers with fostering innovation. The Institute is an open, transparent and inclusive think tank that convenes stakeholders, facilitates industry consensus, and encourages the development of a regulatory framework that protects borrowers while promoting innovation.


The Online Lending Policy Institute’s mission is to ensure borrowers continue to benefit from the lower cost of credit and increased, convenient access to capital provided by online lending while supporting borrowers protections and a strong financial system. We will work towards that mission by engaging policy makers and industry stakeholders in the creation of forward-thinking public policy.